Monday, January 09, 2017

2017 Art Journal Adventure - Week 2 Sneak peek

Hi everyone! It's Week 2 for the Joggles Art Journal Adventure and with Barb and I switching up the hosting every other week, it's my turn to come up with the weekly prompt. This week I chose Explore Texture since it's one of my all time favourite elements of art. While I love both visual and physical texture, the latter is the one that really floats my boat. I like texture I can actually feel!

Above is a sneak peek of the page I created for the Joggles blog where I show some of my favourite ways to add tactile (physical) texture. If you want to see more and hear about my process, pop over to the Joggles blog where I explain and show the steps in photos. Our Art Journal Adventure Facebook group is absolutely blossoming with so many enthusiastic members (Both new and returnees), lots of wonderful discussion, and all kinds of inspiring art being shared. If you haven't already joined, we would love to have you along for this 52 week journey. I'm loving every minute of it!

Life is good; so is art...and texture!

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Teresa said...

(Was having issues leaving a comment on the Joggles blog, so am leaving it here!) I love the way that your ephemera has a variety of textures from rigid (dry wall tape/cardboard) to soft (cheesecloth). You also kept the layout quite clean and simple by grouping your textures together, leaving the page uncluttered. As always, your choice of colours is fresh and vibrant. A great prompt this week that I am keen to get started on.... I have a few ideas for something totally different!!