Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nudging my boundaries

I've been having a blast this week following the online class, The Art of Wild Abandonment, taught by Junelle Hallstrom Jacobsen and Christy Tomlinson at I get to play with all of my favourite toys: stamps, pens, designer paper, Neocolour name it. Both of these women are fabulous artists and instructors and the facebook group is amazingly supportive. I've done art that I never thought I would attempt this week...expanding the ol' comfort zone. How awesome is that. Check it out if you get the chance. You'll love it!
Here's my silly little owl exercise that I did for week one. Funny little group.
Life is good; so is art.

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Karenliz Henderson said...

Bonnie I love your journal pages. Those owls are so cute. I have taken workshops with Christy before and this one looks like fun. I think I may try it. Thanks for you love on my background papers!