Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AWNB Summer Skies Week 2

This is Week 2 of our Anything Goes/Summer Skies Challenge at Art With No Boundaries. This week I played with the Cosmo Wide Panel image from CS Designs.. She has the most haunting expression on her beautiful face and I love colouring flowy hair.

The foundation for this piece is a raw wood framed mirror from IKEA that's just been waiting to be altered. The entire frame was covered in black gesso and then watery acrylic paint was flicked on by tapping a toothbrush over it. If you flick the toothbrush with your thumb you get smaller dots but if you tap it, you get larger rounder dots.

For this piece, I imagined Cosmo as the guardian of the earth with the desire to bring harmony and order to our universe. Those two words come from the definition of Cosmos. I fussy cut an image of the earth out of an old school atlas (1961) and glued it to the upper right of the mirror frame so that she would be gazing upon it from the night sky. A small tag with a foam letter e was placed on top of the image.

Cosmo was coloured with Prismacolor pencils using OMS to blend. Her hair colour is darker this time and her eyes are brilliant green. Her image was mounted on teal cardstock and then layered over pices of drywall tape. I really like the texture this gives and also the idea of a net...maybe a safety net or perhaps she used it to catch the stars in her hair. I used black marker to colour over an embossing folder in order to achieve some texture in the image background.

Cosmo knows that time is of the essence in achieving harmony and order. The watch came from my stash of charms and the ball chain from that toolbox raid a few weeks ago. The silver stars are buttons with the shanks cut off. The computer generated words are printed on swirly vellum.

Do you think Cosmo looks worried about her favourite planet? Dismayed or wistful? Or is that just my imagination carrying me away again?

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope you will join our challenges at Art With No Boundaries in either the Anything Goes or Summer Skies category. I always look forward to seeing your creativity in action.

Life is good; so is art.



ParkNSlide said...

Love how your art always tells a wonderful story. That watch is a fabulous element.

Beverly G said...

Love your frame,that earth cut from an old atlas, very clever, and I think she looks wistful that we would be a little more caring about our home. I'm a dreamer too ;-)

Paula said...

Hi Bonnie, I love your altered frame.Thanks for tip about flicking a toothbrush the effect is great. I'd like to think she looks wistful. Another stunner!!! :o)

Ellis said...

Fantastic frame you created and I love the story behind Cosmo and all the small details makes it perfect! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Lori said...

Your altered frame is terrific! Love all the details - especially the tiny flicked dots of paint. I'm a sucker for old atlases and we have several in our library, so I love your earth!