Monday, May 29, 2017

The 2017 Joggles Art Journal Adventure - Week 22 Sneak Peek

Hi everyone. It's my week to come up with the prompt and inspiration page for Week 22 of Joggles Art Journal Adventure. The prompt I have chosen for this week is Lift. As usual, I have chosen a prompt that is wide open and can be interpreted literally or not.  Lift might make you think about things that lift your spirits or what you do to lift the spirits of others. It might be things that lift up into the air like butterflies and balloons or it might be something that you lift off your background to add dimension and create shadow. Or maybe you will do all three like I did!

To see the rest of the page, see more detail photos, and read about my process, be sure to pop over to the Joggles blog where I spill the beans about every last detail :0 I'd love it if you did!

Life is good; so is art...and AJA.

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