Sunday, August 25, 2019

Joggles Art Journal Adventure Week 34 - Simplify

Hi everyone! It's Week 34 of the Joggles Art Journal Adventure and this week's prompt is urging us to keep it simple. Now you would think that that is an easy prompt and, for some, it likely is. Not, however, for others like me! Keeping it simple ranks right up there with leaving white space for me in terms of difficulty...even after the page is finished. I just want to go back and add one more detail or fill in that little space...again and again. I have to make a very conscious effort to step away from the page early in the process.

This page started with a gel printed 6x8 inch piece of mixed media paper to which I had already added Coffee Archival Ink stamping with Carabelle Studio Quadrillage stamps. It has been in my stash for ages because I loved it and didn't want to cover it with all kinds of other things. This seemed a perfect opportunity to take a minimalist approach to the page and let that background do most of the speaking.

I added a double line border using a ruler to create crisp straight lines instead of my usual wobbly ones. Part of me wanted to fill in that border with pattern but I resisted...go me! I then cut three triangles the same size from black cardstock and adhered them overlapping on the right corner. The first one is flat to the page, the second has foam tape to raise it slightly, and the last one has foam squares to raise it even higher. I used my 1/8 inch punch to create white circles, three of which I glued to the right side of each triangle.

The lettering was created with stickers which look like Dymo tape and spell the word "Simplify". The page was edged with black Big Brush Pen and matted with the black background common to all the pages in this journal.

Thanks for joining me today. I appreciate that. You can check out how others in our Joggles Art Journal Adventure Facebook group respond to this prompt by following the link. We would love to have you become a part of our community.

Life is good; so is art.

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