Monday, February 08, 2016

Joggles' Art Journal Adventure ~ Week Two Grids

Hi everyone. I am still playing catch-up with Barb's Art Journal Adventure over on the Joggles blog. For Week Two, the theme of her project was grids which I love but rarely use. I had bought a couple of fabulous grid stencils by Michelle Ward from Stencil Girl and had yet to use them so this seemed to be an opportune time. The other thing that I wanted to use was all the "table scraps" on my desk from previous projects. These were mop-up cards and book text from sprays, gel print scraps, and some corrugated paper. I also had some die cut or punched leftovers and some embellies which auditioned for projects but didn't make the cut.

I did it in a backwards way and if I did it again I would paint the whole page black with gesso or Dylusions Black Marble Paint and then pencil in the grid. Instead, I traced the grid and then coloured in the dark spaces between sections with a black Sharpie pen. Then I traced each section on the grid onto a scrap which I wanted for that space, both repeating the papers elsewhere and dry fitting as I went along. At this point, I was working with backgrounds only and not the things that were going to be added to them. Once finished, I used Scor Tape or Scotch Quick Dry to adhere each section to the page.

Now came the fun part. I started looking through the pile of leftover punched and die cut pieces and placed them where I thought I wanted them. I raided my sheets of Idea-ology rub-ons and snipped out sections to audition them. Several Idea-ology Big Chat Stickers were applied, choosing words with particular significance to me.

Some drywall mesh and cheesecloth scraps found their way onto some sections as well as a few Idea-ology embellies like the pen nib and the token. A few snaps were in my little box of things to put away so they carried through on the silver shine found in other places. Lastly my black and white doodle pens were put to work because the whole thing was looking a little too structured and neat to suit me. Although I could have kept going because I was having fun, I figured I'd better call a halt to my playing before I passed the point from like to not.

Thanks for stopping by today. You will certainly be seeing more grid work from me in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since today is Monday, there's a brand new Art Journal Adventure inspiration project up for week 6 on the Joggles blog today. I'm off to check it out!

Life is good; so is art.


Teresa said...

Love the grid style layout Bonnie - like you, it's something I rarely do, although I always enjoy seeing other people using them. I also love finding ingenious ways of using all those pretty little offcuts from other projects that gather in a box on my table. The corrugated paper adds some fun texture, and it's neutral colour works well with your brightly inked pieces. I've been following the Joggles prompts but have yet to try any myself...maybe I will find the time soon...

~ginny said...

I love reading your blog - you have a marvelous way of talking about your work... like the "punched leftovers and embellies which auditioned for projects but didn't make the cut." I am so drawn to your humor which comes out not only in your art, but also in your words! Keep on - funny lady!