Sunday, May 06, 2018

Quickie Book Text Belly Bands or Tuck Spots

Hi everyone. I was checking out some mixed media projects on Pinterest and came across one that gave me this idea. The problem was I didn't pin it and couldn't find it again to link it for you and give credit to the artist. I have a lot of round punches as well as circle die cuts and decided to use them to create piles of book text circles. I also had some scraps left from corrugated coffee sleeves which were looking for a new purpose.

The 1.5 inch circles were inked around the edges with Coffee Archival. They were then overlapped and glued to a thin strip of cardstock, not meant to be visible from the front.. The corrugated sleeve was cut into .5 inch x 3.5 inch lengths and each was given a fishtail flag end. This was layered over the overlapped circles glued to the cardstock strip and then messy stitched on the sewing machine. Scraps of coffee dyed cheesecloth were layered under coffee dyed and inked mulberry flowers to finish this set.

The second set I created with a similar start except I glued five of the 1 inch circles to a cardstock strip. For the topper, I cut a just under .25 inch strip of black and white striped designer paper and stitched it horizontally across the overlapping circles. The ends of each strip were decorated with little buttons.

This particular book paper is quite thin so the cardstock behind and the striped cardstock sewn on top give this embellishment more strength.

I had two of the 1.5 inch circles left from the first set so I added one of the 1 inch circles and adhered the three to a strip of cardstock. I also had a 2.25 inch length of corrugated sleeve left over so I fishtailed the two ends, centered it over the three circles and stitched it all together. It could be a little tuck spot or simply an embellishment for a page or a mini notebook cover. The larger circles with three combined are 4 inches in length, the ones with 5 are 4.5 inches, and the last one with 2 large and 1 small circle is 3.25 inches long.  I can see changing these up by varying the shapes, sizes, and papers used...lots of possibilities.

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Life is good; so is art.

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Oh, dang girl! I love these!