Saturday, June 25, 2016

Joggles Art Journal Adventure ~ Response to Weeks 23 & 24

Hi everyone! When Barb started the Joggles Art Journal Adventure week 23 page, she quickly realized that it would be a two week effort because of the time involved creating the intricacy of the design. Boy, do I get that! The theme for these weeks is Pick a Word(s) and fill in the negative space with doodles. This past Wednesday, she posted a fabulous Midweek Muse video showing how she uses circle templates to create the bones of these round doodles. She made it so easy that I felt much more confident tackling this. If you haven't watched it yet, take the's worth it :)

The word I chose was Play because like all art journal pages, there are no rules for doodling and it's fun to see what comes out the end of those pens. I traced around the grungeboard letters with pencil and then later went back and filled them in with red, orange, and yellow Prismacolor pencils. They were then outlined with black Pitt pen. A very fine black Copic Multiliner was used to create the doodles around the letters. White paint pen was used to create the dots at the base of each letter. A length of narrow washi tape was used to underline the word and ground it.

I used a variety of black pens...different brands and sizes in order to get various thicknesses of the lines. The medallions were created using the two circle templates I had. There was no plan ahead of time. I just completed one design and then added the next until I was satisfied with the design.

As much as possible, I tried to vary the doodle patterns so I didn't repeat myself too often. I spread the play time over a few days. It was time consuming because I chose to make the patterns quite intricate and tiny in spots. I loved that and kept wanting to add more detail :) It's addictive!

To finish the page, I added jet Black Archival Ink to the edges with a sponge applicator to frame the page. I then took my finest pen and doodled a simple border over the black ink. I wanted a border but didn't want it to distract from the medallions and the word. The final touch was to punch two black photo corners and adhered them to the opposite corners which were quite open. They seemed to anchor the page and also the heaviness of them contrasted with the delicate designs which I like.

Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate that!If you haven't already been following along with the Joggles Art Journal Adventure and Barb's weekly Monday prompts, it's not too late. You can join in at any point and we'd love to have you join our fabulous AJA Facebook group as well. It's great fun and is certainly helping me push the edges of my comfort zone and learn new things.

Life is good; so is art.

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NEDbeads said...

SO gorgeous, Bonnie! I love your doodles! They're sheer perfection!