Saturday, November 26, 2016

Joggles Art Journal Adventure Week 46 Response

Hi everyone! Barb's prompt for Week 46 of the Art Journal Adventure series was Less is More. Now if you have followed me for any length of time, you know that that minimalist approach challenges and perplexes me more than nearly any other type of challenge. I always create with the idea of more is more...just one more detail...LOL. I have difficulty remembering to leave any white space and I rarely restrict my colour palette to a couple of colours. Yikes!

Barb created a lovely simple page using only a few media and colours so, for a change, I thought I would follow her recipe. And I did...for a while :) She used black and white gesso, scraping them onto the page sparingly. My page was already white so that wasn't going to work and there was no way I couldn't add a least a little colour. I mixed a little Dina Wakley Media Turquoise paint into the white gesso and scraped it on with a palette knife. Then instead of black gesso, I scribbled in some horizontal and vertical lines using Black Gelato which I softened and spread with my finger. I like the smudgy look that gave. Like Barb, I scribbled some black pen.

Unlike Barb, I added some white gesso stencilling using the tiny circles from Joggles Punchinella Quartet Minis stencil. I wanted more texture and to break up the turquoise areas. Instead of scribbling a pen line base for my Joggles Anthropomorphic 1 collage sheet guy, I tore and layered two pieces of washi tape. It bothers me not to include some text (one of my many quirks) so I added an Idea-ology Chit Chat sticker and outlined it with black pen.To finish the page, or so I thought, I stamped three tiny stars over the washi tape with Jet Black Archival Ink.

It really looked unfinished to me. I left it overnight but it was still bugging me the next day. I was desperate to add a border and a little more texture. I tried to talk myself out of it but in the end decided that I needed to please my own eye. I also realized that even with a border, the stencilling, and word which weren't in the original script, this page would still very much follow the challenge. This is Less is More for me and there are no rules! Scraps of white page toppers which were cut off from previous spiral bound pages were adhered above and below the image. I also went back and added a row of stamps above  both borders. I didn't add any more colours to my existing palette but there was a whole lot more texture and framing. I was happy now :)

Thanks for popping by today. My thinking guy and I appreciate that. If you haven't already been following along with the Joggles Art Journal Adventure and Barb's weekly Monday prompts, it's never too late. You can join in at any point, catch up or not, and we'd love to have you join our wonderful AJA Facebook group as well. It's an awesome group filled with creative, friendly, and supportive people who share the same enthusiasm for this fun adventure.

Life is good; so is art.

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