Monday, July 22, 2019

Joggles Art Journal Adventure ~ Week 29 ~ Peat and Repeat

Hi everyone! It's Week 29 of the Joggles Art Journal Adventure and the prompt this week is something my mom used to say all the time: Peat and Repeat. It made me laugh every time she said it but what the prompt is really asking for is that we use repetition, which is one of the principles of art and something I use all the time. It really helps to pull a page together, and to get the eye to travel around the page.

I am in collage and use it up mindset because of another journal I am playing with so I decided to go that route with this page. I love this colour palette and the variety of papers, some aged naturally and some aged with Coffee Archival Ink, especially along the edges. Stamping was added with the same ink and a Studio Light number stamp, as well as a Crafty Individuals Script stamp. Coffee Archival Ink was again used to apply the harlequin pattern using a Stamperia stencil. All of these patterns are repeated in several places to connect the various papers in the background so they read as a whole. A Bokeh circle stamp was applied in a visual triangle using Jet Black Archival, again to keep the eye moving around the page.

I also added two die cut leafy fronds cut from dotty green paper. The eye tends to look for things that are similar so in seeing one green dotty frond, it will look for a second. By placing these on a diagonal line with the image in between, it causes the eye to move through the image to arrive at the second one. All the papers and the die cuts are outlined with black pen, again to unite them as well as helping them contrast with the background.

The two images I used for this page came from Joggles Collage sheet This is for the Birds II. Both were fussy cut leaving a narrow white border, matted with black cardstock, and fussy cut a second time leaving a narrow black border. The black mimics the outlining done around the other elements. I like to add my own artistic voice to pre-made collage images to make them more my own. I added both black pen sketchy outlining as well as coloured pencil shading to these images. They were beautiful as they were but I like them better now because they have a little me in them.

The wording was printed onto white cardstock, matted with black, and popped up on foam tape. A doodled border was added which repeats the line work from the circle stamping as well as the outlining. people often ask me how I make my collage pieces cohesive but if you look at how often I use repetition, you can better understand how it happens. It's something I do so often thatI am rarely conscious of it any more.

Thanks for visiting today. My birdie fam and I appreciate the opportunity to hang out with you. If you get a chance, be sure to check out the responses to this prompt by others in our wonderful AJA Facebook group. I am always inspired, delighted, and I learn something from each of the ones who play along. We'd love to see you there.

Life is good; so is art.

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