Monday, October 08, 2012

Double whammy

I combined two challenges for the piece I am featuring today: Halloween for Art With No Boundaries and No Bones About It for Recycle, Re-Purpose and Re-Invent. That's why I called this post Double Whammy although it might also refer to the gruesome twosome on this altered shadowbox.

I stared off  by printing the CS Designs Haunted Appartion 4 image, Dementia, on white cardstock. It was coloured with my trusty Prismacolor pencils, using OMS to blend her skintones. Red bling was used to accent her spider-leg lashes and clear rhinestones create the highlights in her eyes. She looks a little sinister to me but perhaps I am just a suspicious sort. At any rate, with her bead letters, she is beckoning to you to join her for a dance...don't do it! The bony arm and hand between the words should be a clue, not to mention the spider web charm in the upper left corner  balanced by the metal corner plate in the lower right.

A recycled black coat zipper lines the bottom and right side of her shadowbox. I like the hard edge of the metal adds a little menace to this scene. Dementia's beau stands at her side in all his bony glory. His blingy eyes sparkle at the sight of her. The metal roses he bought her are adhered just above his head. Dementia is offering you three gifts to try to win your compliance: a skull (wonder who that used to be), a button ace of spades card (her favourite) and a key to who knows where. Don't be tricked. She's not offering a treat :)

Perhaps she has inspired you to join in one or both of these challenges. If not, more of her friends can be seen on the Art With No Boundaries blog or the Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent blog as they assisted my teamies and our guest artist, Lyn Brough) in their creations this week. Be prepared...they are spooktacular!

Thanks for visiting Dementia, Sir Skellie, and me today. We love the company. Bwaa-haa-haa-haa.

Life is good; so is art.



Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

BONNIE!!! I love this! The zippers...oh my gosh cool! The placement of all the golden orange rhinestones...I love them. They add that fantastic sparkle! What an absolutely fabulous design here!!!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie! This is amazing! Did you notice that I'm having a Halloween- themed giveaway? Here's the link *cough, cough**hint, hint*

Ellis said...

Fantastic shadowbox you made, you colored Dementia perfect and the zippers and skeleton looks amazing! =)
Hugs, Elenor

ParkNSlide said...

Love the zippers---the silver teeth make a perfect frame. Your collage elements make for a devilishly exquisite piece of Halloween art.

Tracy said...

Cool and creepy. :-) Looks amazing Bonnie. Lots of fun elements and textures. Hugs!

Beverly G said...

I like that zipper trim and those little alphas, cool art piece.

Lori said...

Gruesome twosome cracks me up! This is an oh, so creepy cool shadow box. She's brilliantly sinister (love the gems) and the zipper is so smart!

Paula said...

Great shadow box. I love the way you have coloured dimentia and your use of that zipper.